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Updated: May 27

Gili Air is a tiny island located off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia, with white sand, clear water, and wonderful underwater life. There are no fuel-based motorized vehicles around the island, so you can enjoy quite a beautiful, tiny island. This is the list of what to do in Gili Air that you won't regret!

What to do in gili air
Gili Air Maps


  1. SNORKELING: Explore underwater life with snorkeling. You can feel flying underwater and see beautiful blue-clear water with colorful fish, coral, a big turtle, and Gili underwater sculptures. Snorkeling is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. You can join by public boat or rent a private boat for snorkeling.

what to do in gili air: snorkeling to underwater sculptures gili islands
Underwater Sculptures Gili islands
what to do in gili air: snorkeling in Gili Air
Snorkeling in Gili Air

2. DIVING: If snorkeling is not enough and you want to explore underwater life more, you can go diving here. You will find many different beautiful spots for diving on Gili Island. But don't worry if you want to get the certificate; you can join an open water course, and it takes 2–4 days, depending on the dive shop. You will learn all about scuba diving, and the instructor will accompany you during the exercise.

gili air diving
Diving in Gili Air

3. YOGA & WELLNESS: Experience yoga and wellness activities in Gili Air; you can attend yoga or meditation classes here or have some relaxation massages on this island. You can visit H2O Yoga & Meditation Center, Flower & Fire, Yoga Garden Gili Air, Air Spa & Yoga, Kenza Yoga, Zone Spa Gili Air, Coco Breeze Spa & Boutique, and Blue Lotus Spa.

Yoga Gili air
Massage Gili Air

4. COOKING CLASS: You can have an experience by joining a cooking class at Gili Air. If you want to have experience cooking some of the local food from Indonesia you can join at Waroeng Alam damai or Warung Sunny. But if you want to cook from several regions with the most popular dishes you can join Gili Cooking Classes.

what to do in gili air
Cooking class at Waroeng Alam Damai

5. DINING & NIGHTLIFE: However you can enjoy dining and nightlife in Gili Air, there are many restaurants, cafes, and bars. If you want fine dining with beautiful sea views, you can come to PJ's Beach Bar & Grill, Pink Coco Beach & Resto, Gili Lumbung, and Sedjiwa.

To enjoy the nightlife in Gili Air, you can visit Raja Bar & Restaurant, Legend Bar Gili Air, Cheeky Monkey Gili Air, Chill Out Bungalows and Bar, and Begadang Beer Garden.

Beachfront cafe
Live music

6. INSTAGRAMMABLE CAFE: There are so many Instagram-able cafés with delicious food in Gili Air. Are you vegan? Don't worry, you can find a couple of vegan restaurants here, such as Musa Cookery, which serves vegan superfoods with aesthetic and relaxed vibes, so you can enjoy the food and the place at the same time.

what to do in gili air
Musa Cookery food
what to do in gili air
Musa Cookery Vibes

7. BIKE AROUND THE ISLAND: You can explore the island for around 30 minutes to an hour with great views by bike. You can rent a bike in Gili air around IDR 50.000 ($4) each day.

what to do in gili air
Cycling around island

8. RIDING HORSES: Get a wonderful experience riding horses around the beach on Gili Air.

What to do in Gili Air
Horses riding in Gili Air

9. SUNSET & GOLDEN HOURS: Enjoy the sunset on the west side with the background of Agung Mount from Bali. You can enjoy a golden hour at the place you stay; one of the recommended villas in Gili Air with the best golden hour is Musa Villas & Bungalows.

what to do in gili air
Sunset on the west side

10. SHOPPING: In Gili Air, you can buy merchandise from a local shop. There are many good clothes for men and women and cute accessories.

what to do in gili air
Local Shop in Gili Air

11. BEACH SWINGS: Don't forget to try and take a picture/video swing on the ocean in Gili Air. You can try it at Pelangi Beach or the pink swing.

what to do in gili air: Swing at Pelangi Beach, Gili air
Swing at Pelangi Beach. Source:

12. STAY AT SUSTAINABLE ECO BUNGALOWS: There are many villas and bungalows in Gili Air with a private pool, a shared pool, or a homestay. But the best thing to do in Gili Air is that you can stay at sustainable Eco Bungalows in Gili Air to help our world. You can stay at Musa Villas & Bungalows or Musa Bintang Villas & Bungalows;

The place is cool. The bungalows are made from recycled teak. You can choose the bungalows for 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 persons, and 5 persons. You will have an unforgettable experience staying there. You will get a welcome drink, a free flow of unlimited water, a yummy breakfast, and beautiful views of the garden and swimming pool.

what to do in gili air
Musa Bintang Villas & Bungalows
what to do in gili air
Musa Bintang Villas & bungalows room
what to do in gili air
Musa Villas & Bungalows
what to do in gili air
Musa Villas & Bungalows room

13. Joint Beach Cleanup: every week Gili Shark Conservation does some beach cleanup around the island. You can be a volunteer to save our beautiful Gili Island to keep beautiful and clean.

what to do in gili air
Beach Cleanup in Gili Air

However many things to do on Gili Air island. You should visit Gili Air at least once in your life; you won't regret it. Once you come, you want to come back again!


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