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The Full Story


One of the most common things to happen when you first set foot on Gili Air, is for your plans to change…most visitors end up extending their stay on the island.  This is precisely what happened to us.... but on a larger scale! We came as visitors many years ago and decided to stay, with no return date, in order to continue soaking up this paradise everyday.  Not only did our original travel plans change, but our lives changed in this process as well.


Gili Air is now our home and we love sharing it with newcomers and the Musa family of repeat customers. With very new business we have opened, we approached it as if it were a new house we were moving into: we put the same enthusiasm, energy, and effort into it.


Our goal is to make our guests feel at home and not just as tourists…that you immerse in the culture and vibe of our tropical paradise. We want you to feel the same as we did when we arrived: for your experience here to exceed your expectations.Let us be your guide to Gili Air, and hopefuly there will be only one thought on your mind before you leave: "I'm staying here forever!”…or at least, “I’m coming back again!”



Our ideals are clear, whether you sleep or eat with us: originality, freshness, comfort, and flexibility. Our values are summarized by the desire to enjoy life and have fun, living new and unforgettable experiences, while supporting wellbeing, tranquility and learning. Whatever you do, do it with emotion and passion!


Our commitment is always with sustainability: recycling materials, resource optimization and waste management.  Our commitment is for the wellbeing of our planet; a commitment we share also, therefore, with its inhabitants. Therefore we take pride in, not only taking care of both our guests and our employees, who are part of the musa family, but also supporting the local community and promoting local materials, products and businesses.

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